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VoltBike Yukon 750 was engineered to upset the norm, with a never-before-seen collection of premium components. Glide into the next dimension of raw power, or practice self control with nine levels of electric pedal assist and the use of the signature series hydraulic disc brakes. Travel outside your comfort zone with the long range 17.5Ah Li-ion battery pack with Samsung cells.
Please Note: Yukon 750 Limited is currently in stock and ships in 7 business days.
Please Note: Yukon 750 Limited 17" in black is currently out of stock. New inventory is expected to arrive in the end of June.
Special Price $1,799.00
RETAIL $2,799.00

Ships from
Blaine WA, USA.

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750W Peak Power

BAFANG is the world’s biggest manufacturer of hub motors for e-bikes. VoltBike Yukon 750 is using Bafang G06 series geared motor which provides 80 N.m. max torque and up to 750w of peak power. The Bafang G06 series is remarkable for its high efficiency and power thanks to the integrated nylon planetary gears. 32 km/h
top speed

Long Range Battery

VoltBike Yukon 750 is using 48v 17.5Ah (840Wh) battery pack with Samsung INR18650-35E cells. The battery pack is assembled by Phylion which is one of the largest battery manufacturers for ebike batteries with facilities in China, Europe and India. Samsung SDI’s Li-ion battery cells are preferred by high-end e-bike makers and companies that lead the e-bike market. 75 - 90+ km
per charge

Extra Smooth Ride

Voltbike Yukon 750 comes standard with lockout suspension Mozo FatMan which can handle up to 4.8 inch tire. Designed for quick release axles and bolt on axles for ease of use. 135mm dropout, 32mm stanchions, 210mm steerer tube, 90mm travel. Weighing a remarkable 7 lbs., this fork is ready to tackle anything you throw at it.

Sturdy Rear Rack

Standard for Yukon is aluminum rear rack with extra wide tubing. Rated for up to 50lbs of cargo this rack can fit any load with ease. Mounted directly on the rack is LED rear taillight with brake light functionality.

Hydraulic Stopping Power

Voltbike Yukon is using Tektro Auriga hydraulic front and rear disc brakes with 180mm rotors. Tektro Auriga comp disc brakes features an open system design using non-corrosive and environment-friendly mineral oil. Features dual piston design, melt forged caliper body with automatic positioning via front or rear adapters.

Puncture Resistant Fat Tire

Fat tire bikes provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain by adding extra contact surface. Yukon 750 Limited comes with puncture resistant tires Kenda Juggernaut K-Shield which reduces the risk of flat tires and other air loss failures that result from punctures or road hazards. Reflective sidewall is adding extra visibility at night.

Backlit Color Display

Large practical display located in the middle of the handlebar offers real time stats such as speed, pedal assist level, battery capacity, distance traveled and current load. You can also charge your cell phone through the built-in USB connector. New for the display is the lighting sensor which atomically activates your lights when it gets dark.

Simple Controls

Our redesigned cockpit includes large easy to read LCD screen with USB charging port, Shimano gear shifter and ergonomic handlebar grips. Get instant power with the integrated half-twist throttle with and on/off button which helps prevent accidental activation.

Always Visible

Staying visible can significantly decrease your chances of being involved in a crash with a car. VoltBike Yukon is equipped with a high lumen front LED light with a consistent, well-focused beam pattern. The integrated rear LED light is powered using the main battery pack. The taillight features brake light functionality that is activated any time the brakes are applied. Reflective sidewall tires ensures you are visible from the side.

Extremely Customizable

The authentic VoltBike accessories are a great way to customize your ride while making it more functional. Whether you enjoy leisure biking through parks or riding on a busy city streets, the VoltBike accessories will make your bike more tailored to the way you ride. Choose a top tube bag to carry your cell phone, or front rack to load your cargo, side pannier bag for convenient storage or bike lock to secure your bike. Checkout the full VoltBIke accessory selection here.


More Information
Frame TypeStep-Over
Motor TypeWheel Hub
Battery StyleClip-on
Motor48v 500W (750W Peak) Bafang G06 Hub Motor
Battery48V 17.5Ah Li-ion (840Wh) Samsung Cells. Assembled by Phylion.
Frame Size17" or 20"
Bottom BracketNeco 910, 23.5mm + 120mm + 23.5mm
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes front/rear Tektro Auriga HD-E500
Brake LeverTektro Auriga with safety power cut
ChainKMC Rust Buster. 12.7mm pin to pin center. 124 links. Total length 1547.8mm
CranksetAluminum Alloy-6061 44T Crank, 170mm with Outer Guard
Derailleur GuardRear Metal Derailleur Guard
ForkRST Guide aluminum alloy suspension with lockout function. 90mm travel. 135mm dropout. 32mm stanchions
Freewheel / CasetteSunrace M2 Freewheel Super-Low 7 Speed 13-34T
Front LightSpanninga Kendo+ LED 30 Lux. Powered by the main battery and controlled from the keypad
HandlebarPROMAX Aluminum Alloy 31.8mm*22.2mm*680mm, 9 degree
HubsetAlloy 6061 Electric Motor
PedalsWellgo LU-313 w/ reflectors
Rear DerailleurShimano Acera RD-410 7 speed direct rear derailler
Rear LightLED brake light. Powered by the main battery and activated any time the brakes are applied
Rims26" Rim, 36 Spokes
Seat PostPromax SP-252 Aluminum 6061 Alloy, 30.4mm*350mm
SeatVelo Plush VL-6142
Shifter TypeShimano Tourney TX50R6CT Thumb Shifter Plus 7-Speed
SpokesFront 255mm 12G, Rear 220mm 13G
StemPromax MA-596 w/ adjustable angle 35° - 145°. 105mm extension, bar bore 31.8mm
TiresKenda Juggernaut 26x4 KS Shield, Wire Bead, 30 TPI casing, puncture resistant layer

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Product Questions (15)

Can the battery be removed and charged separately from the bike?
Yes, you can charge the battery when it's on the bike, and you can also remove it and take it inside and charge it separately.
For Yukon 750 model, can the front or rear tire be pulled out so it can fit into my car/SUV?
The front tire on the fat bike Yukon 750 is using quick release so you can remove the tire easily. Just be sure to align the brakes when re-inserting back to the fork. The rear wheel does not use quick release because the motor is mounted on the rear...
Can the handlebars be raised on the Yukon 750?
VoltBike Yukon comes with adjustable stem. The handlebar heights varies between 44.5 inches to 46.5 inches. If this is not enough then you can replace the handlebar stem with riser stem which usually provides additional 5 inches handlebar height.
Can the LCD screen freeze in cold temperatures when left outside?
The LCD display we use is tested to work at temperatures down to -25 degree C. We would not recommend to store the bike outside for extended period of time in freezing temperatures.
What are the dimensions of the box that the bike is shipped in? Need to find a spot to store the box until I assemble it in the spring.
The shipping box dimensions are 74"x13"x40". The weight of the box is around 90lbs.
How can I see cumulative km to date on VoltBike Yukon 750?
In order to see total mileage to date you have to cycle through the readings on the LCD screen panel. Once your bike is on, you have to press the power button and cycle through. The readings are in the following order: Speed -> AVG Speed -> Max Speed...
What is the size for the seat post ?
Currently the seat post width on our electric fat bike Yukon 750 Limited is 30.4mm *350mm, Promax SP-252 Aluminum 6061 Alloy.
Do you keep a record of the serial numbers of the bikes you sell ?
We do not keep a record of the serial numbers for the bikes we sell. We advise customers to record their serial number as soon as they receive their bike in case of theft.
When does the warranty start?
The warranty starts from the date you receive your bike. However we are not that strict. We are honoring warranty even few weeks after your warranty expires.
I am ordering for USA delivery, will my Yukon come set to USA units of measurement (mph) and US top speed? Or will I need to figure that out?
All bikes come preset in the Canadian standard which is in km/h. Changing to mph is straight forward and takes few seconds. You need to go to the advanced settings on the LCD screen panel and switch the value S7 from km/h to mph. For more detailed instructions...
What is the PSI on VoltBike Yukon 750 fat tires
The VoltBike Yukon fat tires have a range of 5-30 PSI.
What PSI should Fat Tire bikes be inflated to?
You will want your tire pressure to be between 10-30 PSI on roads, but you can go as low as 5 PSI if you are riding in the snow.
Does the Yukon 750 have cruse control?
Yukon 750 does have a walk assist mode which is similar to cruise control. It's designed to maintain speed of 8km/h while you are walking next to the bike. To enter this mode you have to press and hold the minus button on the keypad. Engaging the brakes...
is the 17.5ah battery interchangeable with the Elegant, Bravo and Yukon ?
That's correct. This battery is common to many of our models, including the Elegant,, Kodiak, Nitro, Bravo, Yukon, Outback & Enduro. The 19.2 amp hour battery is also interchangeable with these models.
Weight capacity?
Yukon 750 is heavy duty electric fat bike with extra strong spokes (Front 255mm 12G, Rear 220mm 13G). Rider max weight for this ebike is 320lbs. To check rider max weight for other Voltbike models you can visit our
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Parts Included

Our bikes ship 95% assembled with everything you’ll need to get up and running, including:

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Additional Information

Electric Fat Bikes For Sale In Canada - Whole New Riding Experience

Durable and practical, Yukon 750 is the most powerful and versatile electric bike we have ever designed. Powered by a geared 750w Bafang G06 motor, front lockout suspension, and Samsung’s long-range battery, the Yukon 750 is the best fat tire bike we recommend for riding across rough Canadian terrains. At VoltBike, we have an exciting range of electric fat bikes built for adventure-seekers. Fat bikes offer improved grip and traction so that you can have a memorable adventure ride all year long.

Bikes are meant to be personalized; that’s why we manufacture fat tire bikes with different frame sizes and adjustable components. VoltBike’s Yukon 750 has the right fit, performance, and style no matter what terrain you choose. At the top of the long-range battery and hydraulic brakes, Yukon 750 has its own easy-to-use LCD screen, making it perfect for your adventure needs. We cut the middle man and ship directly from our manufacturing factory to your door.

Over the last few years, the designs and functionalities of fat tire bikes have evolved, and we have been through the evolution to deliver modern and durable electric fit bikes. Let’s take a sneak peek into more exciting features of Yukon 750 - the best fat tire bike in Canada.

How To Pick The Right Fat Tire Bike

Fat Bikes began as custom-built backcountry brawlers in the ’80s but have been commercially available for over 15 years. The designs of these bikes are constantly improving and evolving, making them more efficient around town without sacrificing capability offroad. More and more mountain bikes are coming equipped with oversized fat tires. These electric fat bikes are preferred anytime the ground gets soft, like snow or sand, but the Yukon 750 is perfect for riding in all terrains and all conditions.

If you are looking for your first fat tire bike, here is a quick guide to help you pick the right electric fat bike.

Check Axle Spacing and Tire Width

If you love riding on snow-laden terrains or sandy landscapes, you’d appreciate having the widest tire possible. Most fat bikes on the market come standard with 4” wide tires. Some frames allow you to upgrade to 4.8” or even 5” tires. Tire width goes hand in hand with traction. Look for the widest tires possible if you’re chasing grip in loose terrain, or stick with 4.0 tires for better rolling efficiency.


Electric fat bikes are designed to go over rough terrain, so the suspension should be able to take abuse. Look for at least 100mm of travel in the front fork for a smooth ride over rough terrain. Lockout the suspension when riding around town for improved efficiency.

Tire Specification

Plus-size wheels with fat bike tires not only offer a soft ride but also give versatility to ride smoothly in all weather and terrain conditions. Fat tires, however, are prone to punctures because of the bigger rolling surface. In recent years bicycle tire manufacturers have been using unique materials to increase puncture resistance. Kenda, for example, is offering a Juggernaut KS Shield tire which is puncture resistant. You can have a year-round off-road adventure with your fat bike with the right tire specification.

Ease of Customization

There is no shortage of customization options on electric bicycles, and the Yukon 750 is no different. Trunk, pannier, top tube, and water bottle bags can all be affixed to the frame for added storage and carrying capacity. Fenders, a rear rack, and brake lights all come standard on this electric fat bike. Mounting bolts on the headtube allow for a front rack attachment for even more carrying capacity, allowing you to be fully prepared on your adventures.

Fat Bike Weight - It Matters

Weight is a critical factor on all bikes, including electric fat bikes. More weight means slower acceleration, reducing braking performance, and a harder time conquering hills. Typical electric fat bikes weigh up to 80 or 90lbs, including the battery. At Voltbike, we’ve strived to shave weight for added performance while maintaining excellent durability. The Yukon 750 comes in between 70-75 lbs across our different models.

Ready For An Adventure? Buy Fat Tire Bike Today From VoltBike

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy adventure. An electric fat bike can traverse mountains, valleys, forests, deserts, and anything else you choose to point it at. VoltBike’s Yukon 750 comes standard with a lockout suspension and can handle up to 4.8-inch tires. Coming in at 75 lbs, it is light enough to climb hills even in loose terrain.

Want to personalize your fat bike? Yukon 750 supports all authentic VoltBike accessories, giving you the most viable and customizable riding option. Check out the full specifications above or order online to get fast delivery at your doorstep.

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