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Discover the ultimate electric cargo trike, do-it-all, ready-for-anything machine built to handle whatever you want to haul. Featuring evolved frame design, with a much lower "step-over height." Equipped with a powerful and efficient 500w Bafang front hub motor, large full Colour LCD screen and 16Ah Li-ion battery, the Trio is destined to deliver.

Enjoy quick stops with the new hydraulic rear dual-brake system with parking brake, even if your trike is fully loaded. With a 30" rear width at the rear, the Trio can pass through most doorways as well. The latest edition VoltBike Trio offers improved stability thanks to the 20" tires which brings the rider lower the ground.
Please Note: The VoltBike Trio is currently out of stock. New inventory is expected to arrive in the end of June.
Special Price $2,199.00
RETAIL $3,699.00

Ships from
Blaine WA, USA.

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500W Pure Power

BAFANG is the world’s biggest manufacturer of hub motors for e-bikes. VoltBike Trio is using Bafang G06 series front mounted geared motor which provides 80 N.m. max torque and up to 750w of peak power. The Bafang G06 series is remarkable for its high efficiency and power thanks to the integrated nylon planetary gears. 32 km/h
top speed

Panasonic Battery

VoltBike Trio is using 48v 16Ah battery pack with Panasonic NCR18650B cells. Do you know that the Panasonic 18650B was the power behind the Tesla Model S vehicles for a long time? The Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh battery is certainly one of the most famous batteries in this category. 60 - 80+ km
per charge

Extra Smooth Ride

Voltbike Trio comes standard with suspension Trama FAT34 with hydraulic lockout. Made of aluminum 6061 this fork weight is only 7lbs. Designed for quick release axles and bolt on axles. 135mm dropout, 32mm stanchions, 80mm travel.

Sturdy Rear Rack and Mudguards

VoltBike Trio comes standard with rigid metal fenders which can sustain the highest abuse on the trail. Also comes with rear rack which features extra wide tubing so you can carry more load compared to our rivals.

Hydraulic Stopping Power

VoltBike Trio is using Bengal Ares 7+ hydraulic front and dual rear disc brake design. The front wheel is using 180mm rotor. Each rear wheel is equiped with independent 160mm rotor. The rear wheels braking is controlled by the right hand side brake lever located on the handlebar. The new dual brake rear system provides improved stopping power compared to the traditional single rear brake design.

Fat Tire

Fat tire bikes provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain by adding extra contact surface. The new revision VoltBike Trio comes with 20" front and rear tires for improved corner stability. Reflective liners are adding extra visibility at night.

Backlit Color Display

Large practical display located in the middle of the handlebar offers real time stats such as speed, pedal assist level, battery capacity, distance traveled and current load. You can also charge your cell phone through the built-in USB connector. New for the display is the lighting sensor which atomically activates your lights when it gets dark.

Adjust Your Ride

Bike fit is personal to everybody, that's why at VoltBike, we use adjustable components. No matter what your style of riding, VoltBike Trio has a stem with the fit, performance and style you're looking for. VoltBike Trio is using a Promax MA-570 with adjustable angle 35° - 145° and 108mm extension stem.

Simple Controls

Our redesigned cockpit includes large easy to read LCD screen which shows all the important information like speed, battery level and current load. Get instant power with the integrated half-twist throttle with and on/off button which helps prevent accidental activation.

Trio Safety Notice

Three wheeled electric tricycles offer a unique riding experience.

Riders must be aware that the Voltbike Trio handles differently than a standard two-wheel bicycle. We recommend that riders lower their speed, especially when taking sharp turns, while still getting accustomed to riding a fat-tire trike. Failure to do so may cause the Trio to become unstable and result in personal injury. Please watch the video for quick overview of the most important aspects of rider safety.

British Columbia Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive

The VoltBike Trio is now eligible for the Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive (SUVI) Program, designed to provide rebates on cargo e-bikes, electric motorcycles, utility trucks, and more. If qualified, you could save up to $858 CAD on your purchase of a VoltBike Kodiak. To read more about this program and the eligibility requirements, please click the link below.



More Information
Frame TypeStep-Through
Motor TypeWheel Hub
Battery StyleSlide-on
Motor500W (750W Peak) Hub Motor
Battery48V 16Ah Li-ion Panasonic (768Wh)
Frame Size17" Step-Through
Bottom BracketNeco 910, 23.5mm + 120mm + 23.5mm
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes front/rear Bengal Ares 7+
Brake LeverBengal Ares 7+ with safety power cut
ChainKMC Rust Buster
CranksetAluminum Alloy-6061 44T Crank, 170mm with Outer Guard
Derailleur GuardRear Metal Derailleur Guard
ForkTrama FAT34 with lockout. 80mm travel. 135mm dropout. 6061 Aluminum.
Freewheel / CasetteSunrace M2 Freewheel Super-Low 7 Speed 13-34T
HandlebarPROMAX ALLUMINUM ALLOY 31.8mm*22.2mm*680mm, 9 degree
HubsetAlloy 6061 Electric Motor
PedalsWellgo LU-313 with reflectors
Rear DerailleurShimano Acera RD-410 7 speed direct rear derailleur
RimsFront 24 inch with 36 spokes and rear 20 inch with 36 spokes
Seat PostPromax SP-252 Aluminum 6061 Alloy, 27.2mm*350mm
SeatVelo Plush VL-6142
Shifter TypeShimano Tourney TX50R6CT Thumb Shifter Plus 7-Speed
SpokesRear 13G, Front 13G
StemPROMAX MODEL MA-596 with adjustable angle 35° - 145°. 105mm extension with bar bore 31.8mm.
TiresFront and rear tires Kenda Gigas 20x4" with 60TPI
Rear Rack Weight Capacity80lbs

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Product Questions (15)

Do I have to leave the key in the battery when riding the Trio tricycle?
Yes, the battery on Trio requires the key to be inserted and in ON position in order to operate the electric trike. After you park the trike, you can lock the battery and take the key with you,
How do i remove the battery from my Trio
Can the VoltBike Trio be used in the winter?
Yes, indeed the Trio performs very well in winter conditions. The fat tires are great for these snow.
Can I wash my bike ?
Though our bikes are water resistant, they are not 100% waterproof and the battery and electrical components could get damaged after exposure to a significant amount water. We recommend wiping the bike with a damp cloth, you may use rubbing alcohol ...
Does the Trio have a preload adjustment and a lockout on the front shocks?
The Aluminum Alloy suspension with lockout function comes standard on this bike. It features 90mm travel, 135mm dropout & 32mm stanchions.
Is there Pedal Assist on this trike?
Yes. This bike comes with pedal assist, with the range of assistance from 0 to 9. It's also got a throttle for when you would like some extra motor power on command.
What is the width between rear tires?
The Trio's rear wheelbase is 30" wide, allowing it to pass through most common sized doors.
Can the throttle be easily disabled, in order to comply with rules of some trails?
Yes. The cord leading to the throttle is plug-and-play. Be sure to cover the loose connection to keep it clean and dry whenever this cord is disengaged.
What e-bike class are your bikes?
Our bikes are Class two, motorized pedal assist with throttle.
Can you carry a passenger on the back?
This model has a rider capacity of 300lbs. The rear basket may not be large enough for a passenger though, better to look at a Kodiak bike for example which can hold more weight on the rear rack.
Is the rear carry bag included? Are there other color choices?
The rear carry bag is included with the purchase of Trio. This electric trike also comes with a complimentary accessory. You can choose between helmet or rear view mirror. There is only one color choice which is black.
Does the Voltbike Trio arrive fully assembled?
Yes, VoltBike Trio arrives 100% assembled. Unlike the other bikes from the VoltBike family, Trio comes with installed pedals and handlebar stem. Packing box is pretty big.
What is the rider's max weight recommended for this trike?
Maximum recommended rider weight for the electric tricycle VoltBike Trio is 300lbs.
Trio Rider Safety
Three wheeled electric tricycles offer a unique riding experience. Riders must be aware that the Voltbike Trio steers and handles differently than a bicycle. Lower your speed limit setting, and take extra caution when accelerating, turning , and braking...
How wide is the Trio?
The width of the rear end of the Trio electric trike is 30". You can go through regular size North American door.
Did you find what you were looking for?


Sizing Chart










39" - 44"


32" - 38"


24" x 4"






20" X 4"


(L)15.5" x (W)19" x (H)9"

Parts Included

Our bikes ship 95% assembled with everything you’ll need to get up and running, including:

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Additional Information

Electric Tricycles For Sale Online

We all want to be trendy at one stage in our life. Electric tricycles are one of the best innovations in this advanced world. Do you know why electric trikes are so popular? Undoubtedly, it saves your time, cuts expenses, and is the safest mode of transportation. Additionally, they have plenty of health benefits.

Millions of Canadians have balance and mobility issues. No matter what the reason is, instability may have a serious effect on life and state of mind. Electric tricycles provide an affordable, convenient and stable solution to help those having mobility or balance issues.

If you are looking for durable and budget-friendly electric tricycles, VoltBike is the right bet for your electric trikes needs. We are a trusted adult tricycle dealership in Canada, offering an impressive collection, with exciting colors and designs.

Electric vehicles have become a preferred choice of people as they are eco-friendly, affordable, and perhaps the most comfortable mode of commuting. Electric trikes are perfect for personal and commercial use as these come with many useful features such as high-quality wheels, long-lasting batteries, etc. Go to your college, office, or supermarket, electric tricycles from VoltBike provide a viable option for daily commutes.

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Trikes

Electric tricycles come with a range of features. Whether you want to satiate your adventure craving or you want to use it for commuting, it is the best electric vehicle to support adults to elderly and physically challenged individuals. Here are some interesting features of electric trikes you should know before buying them.

Comfortable Grips

Electric trikes offer all ranges of comfort for all types of riding, from high-climbing, high speed, or long distance. It comes with the best grip tyers that are appropriate for all types of seasons and ensures hassle-free riding.


If you’re tired of riding or managing heavy bikes or other two-wheelers, electric tricycles are the best choice for you. VoltBike focuses on producing lightweight vehicles so that they would be easily managed by all age groups.


Electric vehicles are a great alternative to other vehicles in terms of pricing and cost-saving. Electric trikes are much more efficient than fuel-feed bikes. These consume very little electricity and can run 60-90 kilometers after full charge.

No Special Requirement

Just like electric bikes, electric tricycles do not require a license, registration, or insurance. It saves much time, cost and reduces hassles. These advantages are the best reason to buy electric tricycles. Visit VoltBike to explore the latest electric or adult tricycle!

Explore and Buy Latest Electric Trikes At VoltBike

If you want to give electric tricycles a try, you are at the right place. At VoltBike, you can explore a huge cluster of designer electric tricycles, from normal to adult tricycles. We bring high-quality electric tricycles under one roof. Let us give you more reasons why we are the most preferred choice of electric tricycles in Canada.

We know electric tricycles are the future of the cycle. It becomes the most convenient and cost-effective transportation at this time. At VoltBike, we make it more convenient for you by installing long-ranging batteries, a robust body, and comfortable grips. The e-tricycles we build for our customers are ideal for all personal and commercial commuting needs.

We believe that cycling is always the best for health and the environment. With our designer and durable electric trikes, we enhance the excitement that comes along with cycling. Our products are affordable, reliable, and easy to manage. With these attributes, we aim to provide our customers an ease of travel while being eco-friendly.

Call us now or visit the nearest VoltBike store to get more electric trikes stuff.

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