Dear Voltbike Ambassadors,

Today we are releasing an update to our ambassador program which will greatly improve the experience of being a Voltbike ambassador.

Since the beginning of the Ambassador program, referral rewards have paid out through PayPal transfers or by exchange for Voltbike parts/accessories. As many of you are well aware, this process has been slow, especially given the increasing number of ambassadors and referrals.

Starting today, the referral rewards will take the form of store credits that are tied to your Voltbike account and can be used towards any purchase on our website or in-store. For every order (containing at least one e-bike) placed by a new customer, which mentions an ambassador as a reference, said ambassador will automatically receive $50 of store credit once the customer's order has shipped.

As an ambassador, you will be able to easily track your confirmed referrals through the ‘My Account’ > ‘Ambassador Profile’ page once signed-in to



Ambassador Profile Overview

Here is a brief overview of the Ambassador Profile page and it's functionality:

Confirmed Referrals: This is the total number of confirmed referrals you have been credited for.

Store Credits Earned: The total number of store credits earned from ambassador referrals.

Referral History: A breakdown of your previous referrals and their details.

Profile Visibility: Allows you to control whether your ambassador profile is visible on our Ambassador Map.

Available Products: This section allows you to edit which products you have listed as available on your public ambassador profile. This will help potential customers know if you have experience with a product they are interested in.

My Public Profile: This link will take you to your ambassador profile page.

Ambassador Map: This link will take you to the ambassador map.

Store Credit Balance: This link will take you to the 'Store Credit' page where you can view your store credit balance as well as all past transactions involving store credit.

Referral Code: This is the referral code you should give to potential customers you speak with so that they can properly credit you for your help during their checkout process. The image below highlights where customers can specify an ambassador as a reference using their referral code.  




Store Credit Page

Here is a brief overview of the Store Credit page and it's functionality:


Balance: Current store credit balance.

Transaction History: A full history of your store credit balance.

Send Credit to Friend: Allows you to send store credits to a friend. The person you are sending store credit to must have an existing Voltbike account under the same email.

Subscribe to email notifications: This allows you to receive email updates summarizing changes in your store credit balance.



Referral Restrictions:

An ambassador reward is only applicable to orders with at least one bike

Going forward, all referrals rewards will be paid out in store credit, regardless of what time the order in question was placed. The only exception to this restriction is as follows:

Ambassadors who have sent us an email previous to today in an attempt to collect referral rewards for a certain order that has not yet been paid, and have not received a reply, are eligible to receive the referral reward through PayPal directly.



Up until this point, your profile and your ambassador profile (the one you can find through our ambassador map) were two separate profiles and users were not able to edit their Ambassador Profile once it was created. To solve this problem, we are merging the Ambassador Profile as part of the general Voltbike user account (under the ‘Ambassador Profile’ tab) which will allow signed-in users to easily setup an ambassador profile, edit their information, view their confirmed referrals, as well as  change the public visibility of their profile on our Ambassador Map.

For existing ambassadors who already have an account on, you should be able to see your existing Ambassador Profile just by signing in on our website.

For existing ambassadors who do not have a account, you will have 30 days to create a Voltbike account and set up your updated ambassador profile. If your email matches an existing Ambassador Profile, that profile will automatically be merged into your new account and you will have the chance to change all of the relevant information. After 30 days, we will begin removing old ambassador profiles that are not associated with a account (matching emails).

Thank you to all of our ambassadors for helping spread the word about our bikes and taking the time to help out others in the e-bike community.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions, or you can email me directly at and I will do my best to answer everyone's emails over the next few days.

The Voltbike Team.