How to adjust folding latch on VoltBike Urban
After some time, it is possible that the folding points on your VoltBike Urban may become loose. It is important to check them on a regular basis and make sure that they are tight and firm. In this video, we going to show you how to adjust the tension on the frame's folding latch and stem folding latch.
Pedal assist malfunction fix
In this video, we will show you how to repair your VoltBike Urban if you are experiencing problem where the pedal assist is not working. In many cases this could be fixed by adjusting the pedal assist sensor located on the pedal crank.
LCD Screen settings for VoltBike Urban
The settings below are for the latest VoltBike Urban 2018/2019 edition with S.Widom LCD screen panel. Please note that those settings are not compatible for the previous generations.

P01:LCD backlight brightness. Default is 2.
P02:Switch between KM and Miles, 0:KM; 1:MILE;
P03:Voltage rating: 24V, 36V, 48V. Default is 36.
P04:Sleep time. Default is 0.
P05:Pedal assist level range. Default is 5.
P06: Wheel diameter in inches. Default is 20.
P07: Speed magnetic steel number. Default is 6.
P08:The speed limit:Range 0-50km/h,Default 50.
P09:Throttle activation 0:activate from dead stop;1:Activate after gain speed;Default 0.
P11:Power sensitivity setting Range:1-24;Default 1;
P12:Booster starting strength setting Range:0-5;Default 5
P13:Magnetic sensors on the pedal assist plate. Default 12.
P14:Controller amperage setting. Default 12.
P15:Turn speed duty ratio setting Range:0-100. Default 100.
P16: Default 0
P99: Default 99
ODO: Default 5
Will riding in the rain affect the battery?
No. Our bikes are tested in the rain whenever it is raining in Vancouver on a week day (so roughly half the year) and they handle the water just fine. It is important not to store it where it will be rained on, or as one customer learned, submerged in water.
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