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Do you keep a record of the serial numbers of the bikes you sell ?
We do not keep a record of the serial numbers for the bikes we sell. We advise customers to record their serial number as soon as they receive their bike in case of theft.
How do I remove my LCD screen?

LCD replacement
This article covers how to replace the LCD and control keypad, should either of them require
replacement due to damage or malfunction.
The LCD is permanently connected to the keypad. The LCD circuitry is potted to seal it from
environmental exposure. There is no to access any of it's circuitry, or internally disconnecting
the cable to the keypad. Replacing the LCD will require replacing the keypad as well. The
keypad is assembled with screws, and uses a removable seal. The keypad buttons can be
replaced, but this is the scope of a different tech article.

Tools Required:
• 3mm hex wrench
• 2.5mm hex wrench

The replacement LCD will include the following:
• LCD with attached keypad
• LCD mounting bracket
• rubber shims (not needed for 31.8mm handlebars)
• 3mm bolts (x2) for mounting LCD to bracket
• 3mm bolts (x2, with nylock nuts) for securing LCD bracket to handlebar
• 2.5mm bolt (x1, with nylock nut) for securing keypad to handlebar
• instruction manual for configuring LCD settings

Main Power Discharge:
Begin by removing the main battery from the down tube.
Hold the power switch down, as if you were turning the system on. The LCD will briefly light
up using the residual power that was left in the system. This will reduce the likelihood of
causing electrical damage while part of the system is being serviced.

Disconnect Harness:
Follow the cable from the back of the screen, and disconnect it from the main wiring harness.

Disconnect Keypad:
Remove 2.5 mm bolt (note: nut will try to fall out from the bottom of the clamp, when the bolt
is removed)

Pull the keypad clamp off handlebar

Disconnect Display Bracket:
Remove 3mm bolts (note: nut will try to fall out from the bottom of the clamp, when the bolt is

Spread clamp, and guide over handlebar.

If you need to swap the bracket itself, also remove the 3mm bolts (x2) attaching the bracket to
the back of the display


Spread display clamps, and place on handlebar (no shims are needed for 31.8mm diameter
Support nylock nuts (nylock inserts face down), and install bolts (leave first bolt finger tight,
then install second bolt, before tightening both)

Center the LCD, and adjust for tilt, before tightening the bolts.
Bolts should be just tight enough for clamps to be stiff enough to prevent movement from
vibration, but loose enough to allow manual repositioning (this also helps prevent damage in a
crash). Bolts can be turned 5° - 10° to fine tune tension.
Attach keypad to handlebar. Support nylock for keypad (nylon insert faces down).

Same as with the display, leave the bolt just tight enough to secure the switch, but still allow
for some movement. When adjusting the keypad, it can be positioned beside the brake lever,
or overlap it slightly

Plug display cable into wiring harness. Ensure proper orientation, as the pins can be
damaged if inserted incorrectly. The connectors have arrows molded onto them. They should
be exactly aligned so they point to each other.

Power On Test:
Reinstall main battery
Hold down power switch to turn system on
Watch LCD for backlight function, and that all display segments work
Check that the buttons work on the keypad

Please note that the LCD module stores the settings for wheel size, speed display units and
other operational parameters. You will need to reconfigure your settings after changing an
LCD to ensure proper performance of your ebike.

This article only covers the mechanical side of the LCD replacement. To configure the
settings, please refer to instruction booklet included with the replacement LCD.

How do I replace my Key/Lock assembly?

Battery Key-Lock Assembly

For Voltbike models:
Key lock replacement for Yukon, Bravo, Elegant, Outback,
Enduro, Kodiak

Tools/ parts required:
Small Phillips screwdriver
24mm wrench or socket
New key-lock mounting assembly with key

Remove the battery from the battery tray.

Use a small Phillips screwdriver to loosen the forward facing screw from the cover bracket.

Remove the forward facing and downward facing Phillips screws that secure the key-lock mount in the frame. Detach the assembly from the frame, do not damage the battery connector cable.

Use a 24mm wrench or socket to carefully loosen (counter clockwise) and remove the battery connector cable lock ring.

Orientate and remount the connector plug into the new key-lock’s plug hole and install the threaded lock ring. Do not over-tighten and strip or damage the plastic threads. Position the new key-lock assembly into the frame, align and install the two small Phillips screws. Ensure the screws are tight and the new key-lock is fastened to the frame.

Install the cover bracket and screw. Insert the new key and test. Insert the bikes battery in the battery tray and check the new lock assembly holds the battery securely in place while riding. A velcro
strap or webbing can be used to further minimize any vibration of the battery in the tray. Recheck after ten hours riding time.

Can I customize my bike order? Can I add or remove parts?

We offer customizable options for each bike model such as: frame size, battery size, front rack and helmet choice.

We offer a complimentary helmet for each bike but where a helmet is not needed we provide specific options in lieu of the helmet within the same drop down menu.

The complimentary item offered for each bike cannot be exchanged as a monetary value towards the bike

No exceptions to swap out any parts or complimentary accessories with other items at this time.

How does Support work?
We at Voltbike appreciate and support our customers and want everyone to enjoy their Voltbikes for years to come.

We offer a few different channels of support such as:


Definitely the quickest and best way to get any problem solved. Email us with photos or videos of any issue in question. This is the best way to contact us because if we speak with you over the phone most likely we will ask you to email us with photos regardless. 

How does the twist hand throttle work and what does the red button have to do with it?
The red button toggles the throttle on when pushed in, or off when it's out. Once on, the throttle will work whenever the bike is turned on.
What diameter is the seat post on the Mariner V2?
The Mariner V2 has a 31.6mm seat post.
I have lost ONLY 1 of my battery keys. Could someone cut me a spare?
Yes, a lock locksmith should be able to make a copy for you.
Can I change my order?

If you have made an error when placing your order online for an incorrect bike model, helmet or colour selection, accessory, or are having second thoughts on your final order, we can certainly correct it before it ships but we will not be able to adjust any orders that have already shipped.

The lock-out on my Suntour fork is not working. How do I fix it?

Lock-Out Top Cap Fix for Suntour Suspension Forks

For Voltbike Models: 



Tools Required:

Small Flathead Screwdriver

5mm Hex Tool

4mm Hex Tool

Needle Nose Pliers


Your new Voltbike may have a Suntour front suspension fork that has a dual
position lock-out dial on the RH side that allows the rider to open and lock the
suspension travel of the front fork.

If the lock-out dial stops functioning, follow the steps below to fix this feature:


Carefully remove the plastic top with a small flat head screwdriver

Remove the small dial control shaft using your needle nose pliers.

Use a 5mm hex tool to ensure the internal leg shaft is tight. (Do not over tighten)                     

Check the lock and open positions are functioning. Turn the 4mm hex tool
clockwise until the shock is in the locked position. Then turn the 180 degrees counter clockwise to check and set the open position. 

Re-install the small dial control shaft 

Orientate the top dial cap to the forward / open position and carefully press
and snap it straight down to engage securely with the lower part of the plastic
top cap.

The Open / Lock-out dial should now function properly.

The LH dial is a mechanical spring preload that will stiffen the fork when turned
clockwise, and will soften the suspension when turned counter clockwise. Fork
legs should be cleaned periodically and a few drops of light weight bike oil
applied to the legs near the dust seals.

How do I replace the button cover cap for my LCD screen?

Power Button Plastic Top Cap replacement
For all Voltbike models

Tools/ parts required:

Small Phillips screwdriver
2.5mm hex too


Power ‘off’ the bike and remove the battery. Use a 2.5mm hex tool to uninstall the
power button from the handlebar.

Use a small Phillips screwdriver to loosen and remove the plastic top cap mounting
screws on the bottom of the unit.

With all four screws removed, carefully replace the plastic top cap and rubber seal boot as

Ensure the new rubber seal boot and plastic cap are seated properly. Reinstall the four
screws. Check the screws are snug, but do not over-tighten or strip the threads. Remount the
power button on the handlebar. Install the battery and test ride.

I recently purchased a second hand Volkbike through a private sale, is warranty transferrable?
Voltbike warranty is non-transferrable for many reasons, especially because we have no way of knowing what kind of treatment the bike has endured during prior ownership. Saying that, buying anything second hand will always have it's risks and usually does not include any kind of warranty.
What is the air pressure setting in the rear shocks on the Outback and Enduro
The rear shock on the full suspension ebike Outback is set by default at 135-140 psi and for Enduro is 125-130 which is optimal for rider at around 200lbs. Please note that in order to change the pressure on the shock you will need high pressure shock pump. You won't be able to use a regular bicycle pump.
Adjusting Brake Inhibitor Sensor, Error 05E
VoltBike electric bikes comes standard with feature which cuts the power to the motor when the brake lever is engaged. The brake cut inhibitor is located in the brake lever and it consist of sensor and magnet.
In this video you will learn how to troubleshoot issues with your brake but inhibitors or error 05E on the LCD screen.
Degreasing brake rotors on VoltBike to eliminate noise when stopping
This video will walk you through the steps of degreasing disc brake rotors on VoltBike Yukon or other VoltBike models using hydraulic disc brakes.
This procedure is required only if you experience noise when stopping the bike.
How to replace brake pads on Yukon 750
This video will walk you through the steps of replacing disc brake pads on VoltBike Yukon or other VoltBike models using hydraulic disc brakes.
Before you start, make sure that you have 5mm allen key, 2mm allen key, flat head screwdriver and replacement brake pads.
Freewheel removal - over sized motor plug
In the past, some models of the Yukon came with an oversized power chord plug for the hub motor which restricted the ability to use a standard freewheel removal tool.

This article covers the process of removing the freewheel on such Yukons.

LCD screen and keypad replacement
Tools Required: • 3mm hex tool • 2.5mm hex tool
How do I turn the lights on?
Pressing and holding down the + symbol for a few seconds on the keypad activates or deactivates the light system on all Voltbike models.
Can I swap out the seat from an older bike?
Yes, you can always change out your saddle, keeping the original post as it is slightly wider than standard. Please check the specs on your exact bike model.
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