Freewheel removal - over sized motor plug

In the past, some models of the Yukon came with an oversized power chord plug for the hub motor which restricted the ability to use a standard freewheel removal tool.

This article covers the process of removing the freewheel on such Yukons.

  • Tools Required:
  • Hammmer
  • Pointed Metal Punch
  • Bench Vice (or large vice-grips/channel lock plier)

Step 1

Use a metal punch and hammer to rotate the lock-ring of the freewheel assembly. Turn clockwise to loosen.

Step 2

Remove the threaded lockring, pull the cogs, bearings, and spacers off the freewheel body.

Step 3

Use a bench vice (or channel lock pliers, or vice grips) to hold the freewheel body securely. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen and remove.

Step 4

Grease the new freewheel threads, and carefully install on the hub motor cover plate. Turn clockwise firmly by hand till tight.

Step 5

Re-install rear wheel, test ride, and check shifting.

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