Before You Buy

What is the interest rate for the PayBright financing option?

Once you apply for financing through PayBright you will get an instant notification by email.

The interest rate is 0% for 3 months, 9% for 6 months and 19% for 12 months or more.

After being approved with paybright you will need to send us an email and let us know which bike model you wanted, all the details plus your shipping address and phone number.

Are you participating in the BC Electric Bike rebate program?
Yes, VoltBike is in the approved list of retailers participating in the BC E-bike rebate program. With the recent launch of the BC e-Bike Rebates website, residents of British Columbia can now enjoy substantial rebates on qualifying e-bike purchases. ...
How does Support work?
We at Voltbike appreciate and support our customers and want everyone to enjoy their Voltbikes for years to come.

We offer a few different channels of support such as:


Definitely the quickest and best way to get any problem solved. Email us with photos or videos of any issue in question. This is the best way to contact us because if we speak with you over the phone most likely we will ask you to email us with photos regardless. 

How do Test Rides work?

We are open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Saturdays we are open from 10am-3pm for test rides. We are located at #1125 - 1579 Kingsway Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC.

Can I customize my bike order? Can I add or remove parts?

We offer customizable options for each bike model such as: frame size, battery size, front rack and helmet choice.

We offer a complimentary helmet for each bike but where a helmet is not needed we provide specific options in lieu of the helmet within the same drop down menu.

The complimentary item offered for each bike cannot be exchanged as a monetary value towards the bike

No exceptions to swap out any parts or complimentary accessories with other items at this time.

Can I change my order?

If you have made an error when placing your order online for an incorrect bike model, helmet or colour selection, accessory, or are having second thoughts on your final order, we can certainly correct it before it ships but we will not be able to adjust any orders that have already shipped.

I am 5'1" tall. Which bike would be best? Or are they all too big?

The bikes that are most likely to fit customers who are 5'1" are the Urban Step Thru and the Mariner Step Thru

Other bikes I would recommend for shorter riders are the Elegant, the Yukon Step Thru, the Mariner, and the Nitro

People who are the same height sometimes have different leg lengths, so it's a good idea to take a look at our sizing charts before placing an order with us.

Is the bike water resistant enough to operate safely in wet (rain and puddles) conditions?
Yes, Voltbikes are water resistant enough to operate in the rain with puddles, but we do recommend storing them some place dry. We are located just outside of Vancouver, and our bike mechanics are frequently rained on when they are putting our bikes through our safety checks.
Do you charge the battery in the bike or out of the bike and what is the voltage
You can charge our batteries on or off the bike, and all of our bikes come with 48V Li-ion batteries.
Why isn't my transaction going through?
There are a few different possibilities for your payment not processing. Most times you will need to give your credit card company a call to let them know that you are trying to place this order. The transaction is usually a high amount and sometimes this gets flagged as unusual activity on your card and blocked from going through. A call to your credit card company usually will clear this up. Another reason could be that you have incorrectly inputted your card number, expiry date or CVV number on the back. Please ensure that everything is correct and you have called your credit card company before calling us as we will likely get the same result.
I am 5 foot 3 inches tall and I am looking for an off road e-bike. Which model would you suggest?
For shorter customers who are interested in off road ebikes, we would recommend either the Mariner or the Mariner Step-Thru. Like the Yukon, the Mariner has a 4" fat tire that performs well in rougher conditions involving snow or mud, but both models have a lower standover bar and minimum seat height. 
At 6’ 2”, which City/Road bike is my best fit?
At 6'2" we would recommend the Bravo, but it's best to consult the sizing chart rather than basing your decision on height alone since people of the same height can have different leg lengths. You can find the sizing chart for all of our bikes by scrolling down to below the Specifications.
Can I test ride your bikes at your Port Coquitlam, BC location?
We do offer test rides at our Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada location. Test rides are available between Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday between 10am and 3pm. Most of the VoltBike models are available for test ride.
The safety of our customers is our top priority. Wearing an approved helmet during test rides is mandatory. You can either bring your own helmet or you can use one of the VoltBike approved helmets available in the showroom.
What is the sales tax for American buyers?
We already include the tax and tariff fees in the final price since it is crossing a border. We ship for an additional $49 throughout the USA.
Will riding in the rain affect the battery?
No. Our bikes are tested in the rain whenever it is raining in Vancouver on a week day (so roughly half the year) and they handle the water just fine. It is important not to store it where it will be rained on, or as one customer learned, submerged in water.
What type of hitch bicycle rack would you recommend for my new fat bike from VoltBike
As fat bikes become more and more popular, the question of how to carry your plus tire size bike around becomes more crucial. Based on our personal and customers experience we do have a selection which we could recommend.
Do you ship your bikes fully assembled?
Your bike will arrive about 95% assembled. Unlike other electric bike sellers we do ship our bikes with both wheels attached. The only assembly that may be required is to install the handlebars and pedals, and you are good to go! The whole process should not take more than 10-20 minutes, and no technical skills are required. See manual for more information.
Pedelec and Power on Demand e-bikes
Pedelec is pedal assist. Meaning that as you pedal, the power kicks in and assists your movement. The motor is engaged as you start pedaling and will continue to only as you pedal.

Power-on-Demand bikes have the option of using a throttle instead of pedaling, much like a scooter or motorcycle.
Our throttle has a safety button to engage it whenever needed.
Voltbike offers you both of these components on all of our bike models! So you get the convenience of pedal assist and using throttle to get you where you need to go without breaking a sweat!
How does Voltbike replace parts/offer support?

After purchasing your Voltbike, we do offer support to all of our customers.

If there is a component on your bike that has malfunctioned, here is what you can do to get your bike back to running at peak condition.

1. In the How to Videos section of our website we offer solutions to many of the most common issues that may present themselves to Voltbike owners with many miles on their odometers. Click here for How to Videos.

2. Take some photos of the area in question and send it to us in an email.

3. We will then send you replacement parts as needed. We provide video instructions on how to change any parts.

I already have a helmet. Is it possible to put the value towards another item?
If you already have a helmet or are not interested in the complimentary helmet with your bike, we offer a top tube bag (cellphone bag). Since this is a free gift with your bike, there is no monetary value and cannot be put towards other purchases.
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