At Voltbike we are actively looking for rental fleet operators.

We understand the value which this would bring to our brand and because of that we are offering aggressive incentive. In addition for the chance to work with established brand you will also have the opportunity to take part in our referral ambassador program and earn money with every bike you sell. Our rental fleet partners will be added to our ambassador map where potential customers in your area would be directed to you. On top of that we will promote your location on Facebook, Instagram and other media channels we use.

Rental electric bikes could be great revenue generator for your existing business or brand new entrepreneurial endeavor!

People love VoltBike , our business model and the great customer service we provide. As future rental fleet operator you can benefit from the excitement electric bikes generate and the fuzz our brand creates.

What do you get?

The discount we can provide for rental fleet operators is 10% off our already aggressive online prices. This discount include any of the models we offer. We can provide additional volume discount for purchasing more than 10 bikes. This discount applies to either purchases in Canada or USA.

We want your rental fleet in top running condition. We understand that rental bikes are exposed under higher pressure compared to regular use bikes. With every fleet purchase we offer $300 worth of spare parts. This way you can quickly repair any bike if required and keep your fleet running. Spare parts include throttle, pedal assist sensor, inner tubes, front and rear light, controller box and more.

As VoltBike rental fleet operator you will become part of our referral ambassador program. Your location will be listed on our interactive map and potential parties interested in Voltbike would be directed to you to try VoltBike before they make decision. We receive hundreds request per month from people looking to try VoltBike across Canada and USA. For each successful referral you will receive commission in the amount of $100 CAD for Canada purchase or $100 USD for USA purchase.

With choosing VoltBike you get the chance to work with well established company with experience in building electric bikes. We upgrade our bikes with every production cycle addressing customers feedback during the past years. As rental fleet operator you need reliable machine with proven track record. You don't need company/bike, which is just coming on the market and you will be the first to try.

What do you need.

  • Your company must have valid business license and permit to operate rental bike business.

  • It's recommended that your business do have insurance coverage for rental bikes.

  • You must have physical location where you can meet customers. We are also going to use this location to promote your business on our website and social channels.

  • You business should have online presence and website. Customers should be able to find online information they need like rental prices, rental availability, rental policies, photos of the bikes and more.