Premium designer of electric bikes...at half the price


It all started in our garage with a mission. To bring North America premium electric bikes at half the price.

In the very beginning, like any startup company, the journey from prototype to end product was a long and complex journey. Our founder managed a global supply chain stretching from Vancouver, Canada to Ningbo, China. Being hands-on from beginning to end of our first production process was an invaluable learning process.


On a sunny day in the spring of 2013, our team watched – and cheered – as Voltbike’s very first bike were pedaled out the door by happy customers. Since that day we’ve shipped thousands to Voltbike riders all over North America.


Today Voltbike is situated on 6000 sqft free-standing warehouse facility in Surrey, BC, Canada and 2000 sqft shipping depot at Blaine, WA, USA. We ship non-stop, everyday all over USA and Canada.


Why indeed? We have invested a huge amount of the time and effort into our product line to ensure our customers receive the most reliable units at the lowest possible prices.


Weave around town. Whizz off to work. Vroom to the beach. All our bikes are fun to ride and fully automatic, just pedal or twist and go.

To all of you, from all of us at VoltBike® - Thank you and Happy cruising!

George Krastev
Founder of VoltBike.ca

THE VOLTBIKE® TEAMFrom our factory to your home

George Krastev Founder

George Krastev

Founder and CEO

George Krastev (Georgi Krastev) is originally from Europe and started VoltBike Electric Inc. in 2013 as a side project at his home garage in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. 5 years later, that side project has become a profitable, self-funded company with thousands of riders around North America.

Prior to VoltBike he was a successful web developer for various e-commerce companies the most significant of which is Best Buy Canada. He has a master’s degree in computer science and technology. He lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife and two daughters.

Chris Johannes

Chris Johannes

Senior Technical Support Specialist

Chris Johannes is a seasoned veteran or an old dog depending on your point of view. He's done his time on the shop floor and in the mechanic's pits of numerous bike shops including his own.

In the early days, Chris spent time on the race circuit chasing some of Canada's best cross country racers and plans to keep riding off-road until his days are done. Based in Burnaby, British Columbia it's just a short trip to the North Shore trails. He worked in the engineering department at Race Face, and has spent more than a few years testing and breaking bike parts in the lab and on the trail.

Bianca Carr

Customer Relations Specialist

Bianca has a background in fashion and has toured the world as a professional musician. Back in 2013 she was one of our very first customers to purchase VoltBike Metro and later on upgraded to the VoltBike Elegant.

Passionate about VoltBike she is born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Rides a Voltbike Elegant to work every day.

Bernard Henze

Senior Bike Mechanic

Bicycle Bernie joins our team with over 30 years of bicycle maintenance and assembly expertise. During the 80's and 90's, he was one of Richmond's "go-to-guys" if you required any kind of assistance associated with your bicycle.

He also brings valuable experience in customer service and sales, and is very much looking forward to getting his hands wet with your VoltBike!

Yavor Yankov

Customer Experience Specialist

With his love for biking, Javor spends his days making sure all bikes meet Voltbike's commitment to quality at the VoltBike manufacturing site in Burnaby, BC, Canada.
On the weekends you can find him rock climbing or backpacking in the Rocky Mountains, BC.

Nico Blades

Nico Blades

Customer Experience Specialist

Originally from Barbados, Nico moved to Vancouver, Canada a few years ago. Equally passionate about soccer and biking, Nico has grown up around bikes. He has raced BMX since he could walk.

On the weekends you can find him watching soccer in his bedroom or on the tracks at Rocky Mountain, BC.

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